FlyingMoney Manager

FlyingMoney Manager 1.5

Manage your personal or business finances


  • Customizable reports
  • Great budgeting tools
  • Export data to Excel


  • No online stock checking

Not bad

Managing your personal finances can be something of a bind at times and unless you've got the money to hire an accountant, you probably find it highly annoying.

Nowadays there are plenty of computer tools designed to make the process of sorting your cashflow much easier. Comprehensive money management software is also starting to become available for mobile devices, such as FlyingMoney Manager. In fact, this one actually proves to be one of the most powerful of its kind on any mobile platform.

The beauty of FlyingMoney is the way it manages to organize lots of different finance tools in an accessible fashion. All of these functions are available from a start menu and each is represented by a clear and colorful icon.

The tools themselves prove to be very useful and include an Accounts menu for viewing all your current accounts and their current balances, customized reports, data backup and a facility for exporting data to Excel. It's also very useful for budgeting because you can set up unlimited budgets and generate budget reports. The only financial aid I thought that the program really lacks is an online stock checker.

Essentially, FlyingMoney Manager offers a wide range of finance tools within a well-presented package.

FlyingMoney Manager


FlyingMoney Manager 1.5

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